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GTM Libra History year 2000 to current date (sidewinderforge.co.uk)

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Origional Libra Build - October 1999/June 2000

We did not make many notes although we kept at least one box end off each ball joint, light unit etc then we made a list of the numbers & descriptions ( a copy is available if you need one ). When we received the donor parts we decided to trade the brake calipers in for refurbished ones, this was done through Edmunds Walker (alas thy are no longer in business), and fitted new pads etc.
Feb 2009, we are still using the origional donor parts for steering & rear  brakes, front brakes have been updated.

We have changed the rear suspension, see page 10 for rear suspension update.

We did not fit the Metro instruments nor the factory ones, for reasons we need not go into here, but we fitted our own set, Boyds Series, from Saturn Industries Classic Range, 10-14 Newland Street, Coleford, Royal Forest of Dean, Gloucester GL16 8AN. We fitted central door locking (a Maplin Kit ), an imobiliser & and an alarm. We used the Metro interior door handles instead of the GTM "wire" one, we modified the Metro heater controls, illuminated by LED's, fitted in the suggested GTM kit location. The Metro unit was too deep to fit without modification, we built our own levers, we retained the rear fog light switch, speed control switch & knob, heated rear window switch which is now the electric boot lid release, (we did not fit the boot lid key lock, lock dimple now has a GTMOC key fob badge in it ).
In the vein of a picture is worth a thousand words - here are some in the gallery column. These are reduced in quality/size for quicker web loading.  


                          Photo Gallery

Heater Controls

Metro door handle

Libra  Garaged

Dash 1

Dash 2

Dash 3

Metro GSI Seats 1

Metro GSI Seats 2, £60 for the pair. 

Metro Sun Visors

GTMOC keyfob badge occupying boot lock recess.

Front "Mudflap" trim

Rear Beam End trim

The "trims" are made from black "cement mixing tray material", from Homebase, Wickes etc, £12.

Rear "Mudflap" trim. Not so much as mudflaps more to stop chipping of these areas from road gravel.

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