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Refurbishing the Suspension, April - July 2011

Continued from Page 10 - updated 03/08/2011.

Most of Wed 4/05/11 was spent removing the old nearside suspension.  

It was very tricky removing the old brackets & fitting the new ones, the old arm through a hole in sill problem. The outer ones are the worst. It was easier in the origional car build as there were no seats in the car.

Thu 5/05/11 we started carefully to fit our Mk4 suspension to the nearside rear.

We are pleased with the tyre/wheel clearance which we have achieved.

Starting to fit our Mk4 arms

Nearly there.


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Offside Suspension & update at bottom of page.

We now turned our attention to the offside suspension.

Fri 06/05/11 removed old offside rear suspension, this side was a bit easier as the access hole was further to the rear along the sill.

Sat 07/05/11 We got the parts out to fit the offside rear suspension - hit a snag, one of the eccentric adjusting bolts had been damaged by the previous owner, it had been fitted incorrectly & must have come loose whilst being driven. The eccentric washer had not been fitted into the mounting bracket - see photo of damage. Had to get a new one from Lookers Ford agent (they are used on the rear suspension of a year 2000 Mondeo).

You can also see that we had to fit a new alternator at the beginning of April 2011.

Update 14/06/2011: As we were moving towards the MOT we noticed that the rear springs were bending when the weight of the car & the ground clearance adjustments had been completed. We have taken photo's & contacted AVO, the spring supplier is going to send us a new replacement spring. The spring is deflecting to the left, see the 2 photos below. With a straight edge touching the top & bottom coils the centre coils are out of line. We have now returned the 3 springs to AVO & are now awaiting some from a local Sheffield manufacturer.


Local made springs now fitted, look OK. (no photo)
Sat 09/07/2011, car went for MOT, Passed, comments were - slight exhaust leak at flexible joint connections. Too much wear in front bottom shock bushes - these were new from AVO & car has not been driven. They were too soft & origionals have been refitted, awaiting tax disc so that a road test of new rear suspension can be carried out.
16/07/2011:  Road test carried out today, including a short trip on the M1, feels OK. Simon is pleased with the result despite the highs & lows we have had during the rebuild/modifications. We have our Mk4 arms.
03/08/2011: We have a knock problem at extremes of cornering, e.g. on roundabouts, we suspect soft sloppy Avo bushes at top end of suspension (simlar to front bottom, as above), created mould  out of aluminium going to mould our own bushes.
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