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Wheel arch inner liners - 17th March 2013

Last week we were asked about our wheel arch inner liners, here are some photos & words of warning.
When using glass fibre with epoxy resin to attach items to the underside  of the body shell only use small amounts at any one time. Heat generated by the process can cause dimples or blemishes to the exterior Gel coat.
Use stainless steel screws & metalwork whenever possible. Generous use of Waxoyl is recommened when assembling screwed fixings.

Screws (size 8) clips washers & jointing block used for fixing front wheel arches. The screws needed to be shortened to suit for bottom & top fixings. The clips are fitted onto the bottom edge of the wheel arch material. The jointing block holes were not used but drilled through on the single hole side to suit mounting brackets & self tapping screws (pre drill suitable holes for these). Mounting brackets were bolted to the wheel arch material. The jointing block was attached to underside of bonnet with resin mix from a body repair kit. 

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Photo Gallery

  Front mud flap/beam end protector

   Front mud flap/beam end protector

  Front mud flap/beam end protector

   Front protector plates one each side

  Front wheel arches protect the rear of the light units

  RH front wheel arch

  RH Front wheel arch top fixing detail

  RH Front wheel arch bottom fixing.

  LH front wheel arch

  RH top plate

  RH top plate

RH top plate fixings


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