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Fuel Gauge & Tank Info' 

See also Page4 for updates 01/01/2012

If you have Libra/Spyder fuel gauge problems then the following may be of interest:-

The fuel tank used is from a Rover Metro  & the following information  is  from  a popular car  maintenance handbook for the fuel tank/gauge sender unit.

FULL TANK     of fuel resistance should read   15.5 ohms
HALF TANK    of fuel resistance should read    65   ohms
EMPTY TANK            resistance  should  read  270 ohms

The Rover Metro  instrument  panel  contained  a  voltage regulator for the instruments
this gave a 10 volt supply from the battery voltages of 11 to 14 volts so that the instruments
were supposed to be more accurate.

When we built our  Libra  we did not use the  Rover or GTM  fuel gauge, instead we used one from  an
AMERICAN Classic Instruments Catalogue. In order to get the gauge to operate with the Rover fuel tank
sender unit we had to put an 18 ohm resistor in series with the gauge & a 1.2 kohm resistor
 in parallel with the gauge. See Build Page 4 for further details. 

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