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GTM Libra History year 2000 to current date (sidewinderforge.co.uk)

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Initial filling of the Libra cooling system. 

The factory said it is easy,  but experience dictated otherwise. We overcame this by using a garden type pressure spray bottle (PSB), 5 litre, by "HOZELOCK". You can fill this with 5 litres of 50/50 antifreeze mixture. When all the pipework is connected, except the final connection to the Plastic Expansion Header tank, the small pipe which comes  under the car from the radiator, and you are ready to fill up the system - connect the PSB outlet tube to this rubber pipe, leave the cap off the expansion bottle. Prime the PSB not too much pressure on the pump just enough to keep the flow going. Fill the whole system using this method. There should be two bleed points on the system, one at the front in a heater hose (we used the metro one built into the heater hose) & the one on the engine at the gearbox end. This method ensures that the cooling system is filled from the front of the car pushing the air out of the expansion bottle at the back of the car. I have also found this PSB method useful during a recent (02/06/03) radiator renewal on a 1989 Honda Prelude to assist in bleeding the system.
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