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GTM Libra History 2000 to 2017 (sidewinderforge.co.uk)

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Here are a few tips -
1. Wiring colours - BL / W means a Blue cable with a thinner White tracer colour.
2.                          W / BL means a White cable with a thinner Blue tracer colour.

The Libra fuel pump feed, which has to have the new loom & the old loom, joined under the left hand side of the Dash is a  (W / Gn) White wire with a Green tracer colour.
Beware as there is also a (Gn / W) Green wire with a white tracer colour which goes to the Right Hand rear indicator light.

Our car would not energise the fuel pump when we did our first switch on. We had not got the indicator lights in place so we did not realise we were operating the indicators, unless you have the instruments fitted when the RH indicator warning lamp should light.


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