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GTM Libra History year 2000 to current date (sidewinderforge.co.uk)

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Cooling system/heater pipework update/due to fuel gauge electrical failure 

Oct/Nov/Dec 2017 see also page5 as pipework has changed again due to fitting a PRT in 2018

Due to our fuel gauge "failure" it became necessary to remove the fuel tank. To do this the cooling system had to be drained to remove the two 28mm pipes which pass under the fuel tank. At this point it was decided to reduce the number of clipped connections as much as possible in the cooling system. The pictures show what pipework was removed & what pipework was used to replace them. The fuel gauge failure was due to a bad connection, the negative steel spade terminal on the tank was badly rusted, a good clean enabled us to solder a wire directly onto this terminal. 

As a result of the above work we also noticed that the bracket of the  4way fuse mount on the front PS (passenger side) was badly corroded, as this is a common earth point we removed it, cleaned & painted it, then placed all the earth connection onto one stainless steel bolt. 

We also decided to check the "front bonnet" hinge pivots, these were in a poor state & need replacing. We will examine the rear engine cover hinges later.  The offside hinge was in a poor broken state. The nylon bush was split. Possibly due to pothole or speedbump impact. 

After refilling the cooling system & bringing the coolant up to normal temperture we noticed a small wisp of steam on the radiator, it was leaking. We managed to find a brand new radiator locally (diesel Rover 114 at £100) but there was a snag, the fan temperature switch was on the front not on the side. However we found that there was enough space in the fibre glass mouldng to cut a hole for it to point forwards. We made a cover to protect the electrical terminals, we have moulding skills in hard & soft materials. We have industry contacts for laser cutting various materials & a good welding contact  for hinge brackets etc (e.g. stainless steel).

Soldered wires with Antex 25watt iron, done very carefully with respect to petrol/fumes. Used long nose pliers as heat sink on sender connection.



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                                 Photo Gallery

Old hoses removed

Sherpa van hose - cut as shown

New front, bottom radiator hose

Top radiator hose with repositioned return leg to rear header tank

New rear pipe fits over the gearchange better, old pipe shown for comparison.

Reducer, 32mm to 28mm, fits in bottom end of PEH100820 below


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