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GTM Libra History year 2000 to current date (sidewinderforge.co.uk)

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Rover 1.8vvc engine 1999 & Head repair 2018

plus oher jobs that needed doing.
K series 1.8i vvc MG engine

March 2018 - It would appear that the engine we have is a 145Ps (or is it 143PS) not a 160ps, this was discovered after the head gasket blew.
Friday  6th April 2018, took the Cylinder head to Dave at Milton Keynes for vvc unit to be swopped onto a replacement head, hopefully it will be ready for collection in about three weeks. (was actually 12days)
Meanwhile built an alarm unit for monitoring coolant level in header tank using an alarm delay of about 10seconds. My thanks to www.apttony.co.uk for the circuit information.
Wednesday 18th April 2018, collected replacement cylinder head, new gaskets & water pump from Dave at Milton Keynes.

6th May 2018 - Refurbished head now back on engine.
Refitting of all the associated coolant pipes & wiring is in progress.
New PRT thermostat being fitted, tricky getting all the pipes in the small space in front of the engine.
Lots of items need cleaning & painting whilst we have access.
One of the last things to do will be to renew the hinges on the rear engine cover/boot unit, got to get some hinge pieces laser cut in stainless steel.
W/C 7th May 2018 - We have now had the egine running, sounds OK, will not be able to road test until new rear hinges have been made & fitted.
15/05/18 - Coolant level alarm fitted.
If we can get an adapter made we are going to replace the long speedo cable electrically. Sender is to be fitted at back of car.

13/06/18 - Car now back on the road.
Speedo cable mod works OK. Simon constructed a threaded moulding to fit sender pulse unit onto gearbox.
Coolant temprature slightly lower now with new  PRT.
New stainless steel hinges on rear engine cover fitted OK.
New stainless tie bar rod fitted to replace rusty tube version.
New air filter box & pipework fitted to pick up air from side air vent.
I will try & get some photos of the above bits.
Car is now driveable on the road.

07/07/18 Purge filter fitted, not tested under driving conditions yet, this is all part of being able to clear the ecu MIL condition.

13/07/18 Second lambda sensor fitted, connected via the 1mF Tant capacitor & 1Mohm resistor fiddle, this is also to clear the ecu MIL.

as a follow on attention is being turned towards rear brakes & new front lighting ( see page6 click here )

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Coolant header tank and alarm box

Box 65mmm x 65mm x30mm

Rear hinges in need of care!.

New rear hinge, the version for our car as it includes a new stainless steel tie bar rod in place of origional steel tube tie bar.

Speedo sensor.
This is to drive our "Boyds instruments electronic speedo".

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