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GTM Libra History 2000 to 2017 (sidewinderforge.co.uk)

sample image

LED Lights - in 2014.

Fancy some LED lights 

(Now in July 2018 new driving/main units.)

then try the following:-

Buy two 12v units from www.dun-bri.com

2 off - 320.CRL80012v  LED light units                     £30.65    +vat each

2 off - CRL800/12v loading units                                 £10.55   +vat each
or build your own loading units using 6x22ohm 10watt resistors, 3 in parallel each side. These are  needed to  simulate  21watt  lamps  to make the flasher unit  flash at the correct legal speed.
See website:-  www.dun-bri.com/showdetails.asp?id=355

Late 2014 - We have also changed to LEDs, the front sidelights, front flashers, rear fog lights & reversing lights.
A normal flasher unit was modyfied to have an adjustable flash rate to cater for these changes. We retained the load resistors as shown in photo view 2

The Driving lights have proved easier to deal with than we thought,, some of the heatsink fin needs to be removed to fit in the origional mount/adjustment unit.
We removed the old rusty adjuster bolts very carefully (these ABS mounts are like rocking horse s__t, impossible to find. We have found one very similar second hand for £15)

Simon found these LED driving lamps but they needed a little "adjusting" with a power file to be able to fit them in the mounts.

The above driving/spot lamps are available in two styles, the ones on the left (in a white box) are not suitable as the heat sink is too large.
The number on the box in both cases is JG-1001.

The front lenses are different, on the left very little glass etching, on the right, circled, glass is etched.

Comparison of heatsink size, the one on the left will not fit in the standard mounting ring, the one on the right can be adjusted to fit using a power file.

During August 2018 we will be attempting to change the headlights by using projecter units, initially using halogen bulbs, but we may change to HID bulbs.
Our own version of the mounting units are being prepared at the laser cutters, ( along with some more stainless steel front & rear hinge components).
These lamps are by Hella, previously bought by Simon, one is a 24v unit (1LL 009.998-051) the 24v hi/lo shutter solenoid at 108ohms will work on 12v, the other is a 12v unit (1LL 009.998-011) shutter solenoid is 29ohms, the 24v was cheaper than the 12v, he actually wanted LED units but they are expensive >£300 each.
August -Simon has found some LED bulbs, £16 for two, he has made an adapter to fit them into th projector housings, the only possible hicup might be that leds have a small cooling fan. Adapter rings have been collected from the laser cutters 13/08/18, they may still need some tweeking.
Three pictures showing initial trial fit of new adapter plates.
Today 16th August 2018, we have had a disappointing session. We removed the drivers side headlight to do a trial fit of the Hella projector unit only to find that it is too long overall, too long in front of the mounting position & in to the rear of the mounting position. We also tried an LED unit which could possibly fit but Simon does not like the light beam pattern and it would mean major fibreglass removal. We must be sure before we cut away any of the mounting area of the bonnet fibreglass that it will fit and have a good beam pattern, the search goes on.
As an uplift statement if you are unhappy with the standard light unit be sure to clean the the glass inside & out, ours was cloudy but a good clean uplifted the light output.
To be continued!!!!!!!!!!!

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Photo Gallery

                                                    Brake light mode

Brake light & flasher mode

New flashers

Some comparisons

New sidelight compared against old sidelight

Origional lights

New Fog & reversing light units

New fog & reversing lights, we always chose to have them in pairs rather than GTM one of each.

old on the left, new LED on the right


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