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Welcome to my Forge

Within the forge I build/shape/mould/modify various stage & screen items from  Red-Dwarf  via  Star Wars  to Alien, mostly in resin & aluminium, with a little steel  & a sprinkling of other materials. Some of these can be purchased as kits or ready built & shipped Worldwide. Here on the website you can see examples of my work.

I have also included some information about the building & refurbishing of my GTM Libra 1.8 vvc engined kit car, kit bought new in 1999,  
also My Triumph Tiger pages.  

Samples  of  work


First  and last photos are of a full Alien suit to fit me, photos 2, 3, 4 are items I make & photo 5 is a Kryten mask for a spoof red-dwarf film that my brother & I made. Much of the detailed work is on this website. 

News Item

The website will always be in a state of "Flux" as new projects come to hand.

Some kit components are now Laser cut.

Site last updated: 20th March 2019

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