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Mod':- Handgrip Heater Switch & Handgrip Shield

12/08/2014.Coming soon ===========================================================================

 3a. Heated grip switch:

I love my OEM heated grips but hate where the switch was put, forcing you to reach over or under the bars to get to it.
So i've made up a box enclosure for the switch and used a cheap bicycle water bottle clamp off ebay to fix it to the bars next to the LH mirror mount.
Machined the box from a block of plastic and fixed the clamp to the underside.  Had to shave off a bit of the clamp to avoid the clutch mount.
Still need to drill a hole in the underside for the wiring (and extend the wiring to reach it) and sand smooth the box and paint it.










3b. Hand Grip Shield

Generic motocross brush guards with plasticard plates fitted on top to provide more protection





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