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Mod':- Compact Air Horn

07/08/2014. ===========================================================================

4. Compact Air Horn

Didn't fancy the fork mounted idea so I snuck mine behind the offside engine fairing with it mounted off the front engine mount via a custom bracket - just fits.

The relay I got with it was duff, so bought another.  Mounted it and ran heavy gauge wire, from the horn to the relay.

Bought relay from Maplin (?3). Got it hooked up and working, nice n loud.  I did consider the heat but there is plenty of airflow through that area (ought to be as the engine air intake is just above there) so I don't think it'll be an issue.  Mine is Korean too, such a good price I got one for my dad's car well.

The relay is fitted onto a bolt in the space in front of the battery bay. Photo to come.


The stainless steel bracket - try to keep the curve in it for strength. Nut & bolt to fit into the horn origional mounting position.


                                      This photo is upside down.
The two curved arms allow self tapping screws to fix the bracket to the bottom plastic rim of the horn.

 Bottom fixing hole yet to be drilled, to suit the engine mount bolt, as seen in the photos below.






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