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Panicking because your TT 1050 will not start - read on.

August 2016 x 1.

June 2017 x 1. ===========================================================================

5. Failing to start

After travelling to Wakefield & back for my nephews birthday on the Sunday all was well.  Garaged until Tuesday, changed a sidelight bulb, started bike ran OK. Thursday ready to go out in the evening bike failed to start, even with a fully charged battery nothing would persuade it start.

Over the following few days it would not start, consulted experts & professional help but without spending a lot of money nobody had a definitive answer. We checked it out electrically & could find no fault. It therefore had to be mechanical timing, but WHAT??

Checked timing chain adjuster travel, it had got to its LIMIT. So now we had to find out what it would cost to buy replacement parts - timing chain, cam shaft sprockets, crankshaft sprocket & all cover seals etc. A bit expensive but we decided to go ahead. First we needed to physically check the timing marks, removed camshaft cover & crankshaft end cover to discover that the inlet camshaft was 180 dgrees out of sync (the timing mark was pointing to the left instead of to the right), the chain had jumped the sprocket.

PLEASE NOTE: Bottom left sprocket drawing is wrong, IN & EX words should be in same location as right hand sprocket.

Beware the timing marks are arrows, but there is also a triangle on the sprocket - ignore this.

When we eventually got all the covers off & removed the chain it would not hang vertically, the links were so stiff that it would not hang  properly.

Fitting a new chain & sprockets & fresh oil gave a miraculous recovery it started first time.

Failing to start June 2017.

On Thursday night 1st June Simon went on his bike to his usual games night. When he came out at 11:15 to come home the bike would not start, starter relay & starter solenoid were both operating but nothing happened. He phoned me & I went in the car to se if I could help. He attemted to bump start it down a slope but that did not work.
Paused for a few seconds then operated starter button & bike started OK. I followed him home  just in case.
The following day we checked all the starter path connections from the battery & starter solenoid all OK & finally checking the stater motor connection, this was not as tight as it could have been. We therefore removed the cable from the starter motor, no sign of burning etc. We therefore checked that all parts were clean & replaced the cable washers & nut to a tight level. 

A puzzeling factor was that when he tried to bump start the bike I saw a bright white flash of light which I thought came from the exhaust. On the way home as he throttled back to turn left I saw the white flash of light again but I thought it came from a more mid point on the bike, battery regulator area. Odd. We checked cables in that area for chaffing wear etc but did not find anything wrong

16th June 2017 - Problem has occured again, last night. So today we removed the starter motor & clamped it in our bench vice, applied power & it failed to spin, tapped the drive end of the armature  gently & it started spinning.

Dismantled the motor, brushes were not totally worn down, commutator looked dirty, cleaned commutator & gaps, bearings OK. Re-assembled clamped in vice applied power & it rotated OK & sounded sweeter. Fitted back on bike & engine started OK. Searched internet for spare brushes & find that they are available. Will see how it starts ........replaced all starter motor brush components, September 2019 bike still working OK.






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