3. Making of a Mekanoid



The origional life size "bust". This life size bust was made using No2 sons head. We stuck a straw up his nose for him to breath, coverd his head with cling film, then coated his head with blue aligniate, & allowed it to set. This took 10 to 15 minutes, it was then cut open up the centre back of his head. This was supported and filled with plaster to create the bust above. The mask was then created by painting the bust with latex & adding foam facial profiles followed by more latex. It was then painted with "flesh" coloured paint.
You will by now have gathered that No2 son played the part of Kryten in their "Red-Dwarf the other Movie".

This was the first mask but it was not  very good, too lumpy.

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A second mask was made,
 as you can see a much smoother finish.

Eventually the mask was signed by the cast of Red Dwarf.

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