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No we did not Forge these - Canons at Dartmouth Castle

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  You will find a Myriad of interesting items/topics some of which are for sale/made to order. Your own items can be modified.
  The whole thing was set off by making a Dr Who  spoof movie when both sons were in their early teens, props of miniature Daleks, Cyber men masks & suits, Tardis interior, sonic screwdriver, then it moved on to a similar idea for a red-dwarf spoof movie (by No.1 Son). Construction  of stage props, party poppers for explosions then a full size Kryton mask & suit. Various items from Star Wars, for storm troopers, Millenium Falcon with sound effects, Warhammer 40k items,  illuminated crystal ball staffs, moving on upto current day with Alien space marine suits & finally a full size  Alien costume for No.2 son. The Alien costume went to Dragon-con Atlanta in 2008 &  2009. No.2 son produces replica stage weapons as seen in many Sci-Fi  & other major films. 

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